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Text Filter visual not clearing search term when pressing the eraser button



Found a few threads in May and June with the same issue, where clicking the eraser button will not clear the filter. (Note it will clear the search word, but will not revert the filter). Their issue seemed to only be in Power BI Service, however I am experiencing the issue in Desktop now.


Is this a known issue, and when can we expect a fix?



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I never use that. 


You can use the filter and clear it or make a Bookmark that will reset the entire page. You need to press Ctrl + click on the bookmark in Desktop to use it. 

Hi @Anonymous,


I will be publishing it to end-users, therefore I need it to be as simple as possible - i.e. the eraser button working when you click it.

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I'd make a Bookmark and link it to a Button. That sits on the page itself: easy! 


With the page in the unfiltered default state, under View tab, activate Bookmarks,

In Bookmark pane click Add and name it Reset

In Home Tab select Buttons and pick one

In Button Text ON, Type Text (text will activate command, Title will not sop this makes the button more user friendly

Under Action ON select Type = Bookmark, select the bookmark


Here is mine








Hi @Anonymous


That's a great workaround and what I will have to use.


I would mark your solution as accepted, however someone from Microsoft should definitely still be looking at the bug in this visual.


Thanks for your help!

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You can mark it as Microsoft will not use this forum for suggestions. They don't have time to read the thousands daily posts.


You want to search, Vote or create an issue in this:



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