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Helper III
Helper III

Target Line Not Showing in Stacked Bar Chart

Hi there


I'm trying to add a target line to a graph, but it just will not show up - in a matrix, I get the figure, but nothing in the bar chart. See screenshots below: 





Sales Person comes from "userforms", Total Sales and Total Call from "Table D" and Targets from "Targets" table. 




Sales Person again comes from "userforms", Total Sales & Call from "Table D" and Targets from "Targets". 




They all have a relationship:


Targets > userforms via Sales Person via Sales Person to fullname

Targets > DimDate via Month to Month

userforms > D via fullname to owning.user

D > DimDate via Date to Date


So what is it that I'm doing wrong? any help would be fab! 🙂 

Super User
Super User

The target line is the least of your problems (you can always create it via a measure and then use a column+line chart visual).

Please rethink your data model.  You do not want to have a M:M relationship with bidirectional search.

Hey @lbendlin - how would you suggest I do it via a measure? Could you let me know why I ought to rethink my data model (I mean that genuinely, I don't fully understand the realationships yet)?

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