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TableSorter Custom Power BI Visual - Rankings

I'm using the Table Sorter visual to rank entries based on a score. For entries that have the exact same score the tool defaults to ranking based on alphabetical order. Is there a way to change this so that entries with the same score receive the same ranking? 

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For some reason, toggling "histograms" off and on under the "Presentation" tab fixes the problem temporarily but the tool reverts back to default ranking when publishing or re-starting Power BI Desktop.

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@Tsoltvedt , Not sure on table sorter, But we usually use rank measure for rank



Rank Discount % = RANKX(all("Item"[Category]),[Discount %],,DESC,Dense)
Rank Discount % (Brand) = RANKX(all("Item"[Brand]),[Discount %],,DESC,Dense)


For Rank Refer these links

Many thanks for the reply. I have tried RANKX but the challenge I'm facing is that all the entries end up being ranked as 1. The table has four columns: 'Country', 'year-quarter', 'index', and 'score'. I'm trying to rank the countries based on their score for a specific index and year-quarter. I have tried the formula below but all countries end up ranked as 1:

        'Global Indices R1',
        'Global Indices R1'[Year-Quarter] = SELECTEDVALUE('Global Indices R1'[Year-Quarter])
            && 'Global Indices R1'[Index name] = SELECTEDVALUE('Global Indices R1'[Index name])
        MAX('Global Indices R1'[Score]),
        ALLEXCEPT('Global Indices R1', 'Global Indices R1'[Country Name])


Many thanks for the reply. I have tried RANX but the challenge I'm facing is that I need the rank to be calculated based on the particualar configuration chosen in the slicer. The table contains data across different years/quarters and different categories. What I'm looking to do is get a rank that applies to the specific category and year/quarter selected. 


Table Sorter seems to do this, but as I mentioned in the initial post and reply there is a bug that means that the selection defaults away from the Dense ranking mode. 

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