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Splitting data over months when using week commencing to define capacity


I am currently working on creating a capacity report, but I am having an issue where by my data pulls in the number of days a user has worked during week commencing X, but when the week commencing towards the end of the month and a new month starts mid week, my report double count, to avoid this I am trying to look for a way to say if a user works 5 days on a project on the week commencing 28/08/23. then the calculation would be able to say that he worked on the project on the 

28/08/23 - 01/09/23, which ,means I could get the report to show the user worked 4 days in August and 1 day in September, 

whereas another user who worked 4 days on the same project on the 28/08/2023 then it would only show the first four days i.e  28/08/23 - 31/08/23


Just to add the data only shows the number of days an employee works on a project within a week, it doesn't break the down to the exact day that the employee worked, hence why I am looking into this workaround


This is an example of the current data set that I am working with


Employee Name 128-Aug-
Employee Name 128-Aug-
Employee Name 2 28-Aug-
Employee Name 228-Aug-
Employee Name 106-Jun-2215104
Employee Name 225-Jul-2246401
Employee Name 3 01-Aug-2247040
Employee Name 408-Aug-2248401
Super User
Super User

- Months and Weeks are not compatible

- Use your Calendar table to spell out exactly what you mean by Month, Week, Workday, Holiday etc. Good luck if your users are in different countries/time zones.

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