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Sort MMM-YY date format on Matrix

Hi All,

I am creating a matrix & on the columns I have created a format of the date:


MMM-YY = FORMAT('Table'[DATE], "MMM-YY") & using the field on the columns & on the values i am using a measure. I want to sort the columns in the Chronologically in the order of year & month. 
Can you please help?
Advocate III
Advocate III

Unfortunatelly using that as a solution misses the mark as soon as the chart shows the months for 2 years (or lets say parts of), and you end up with Jan-20 Jan-21 Feb-20 Feb-21 etc...


A categorical date heirachy will work for you, but you more than likely will notice some date formatting issues once you play with it enough by crossing date from one year to the next as I mentioned above, people wont put up with what they are not used to and I've seen some really odd date formatting issues. 


What works for me everytime is this very simple routine of creating 2 new columns.

#1) This is the column to be used in the line charts X-axis....

Sales Date = FORMAT(a_my_DATA[Sales Date].[Date], "mmm-yy")
#2) use this to sort the date..... 
date_sort = FORMAT (a_my_DATA[Sales Date - copy].[Date], "yyyy-mm" )
You can probably work it out from there, the reason I normally duplicate the column in the data is to aviod any annoying pop-up messages stopping me - to avoid that I just do it as a standard these days but is absolutely not neccessary.
Good luck 🙂
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Thanks @daxer-almighty 

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