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Helper II
Helper II

Slicer problem

Sorry for the unclear title of this problem, but I didn't know what to call it.  Here is my problem:

I am using a dropdown slicer to select a week that filters a table.  The table displays various measures such as the count and value of sales enquiries and sales proposals and the number of won and lost cases that pertain to that week.  See example here: 


I want to show a second table that displays the same information for the previous week, and then a third for the week before that.

I can do this with 3 separate slicers that each influence their own table but that requires the report user to select 3 dates for the 3 slicers.  I want a single slicer to drive all three tables.  Is that possible?

Thank for your help


Super User
Super User

@IntaBruce Yes this is possible, you need to create a disconnected table for the slicer, and then based on the selected date you can write measures to achieve the results for all 3 visuals.


I have a playlist on the various use cases of disconnected tables, check it out here Mastering Disconnected Tables in Power BI - YouTube

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Thank you @parry2k for your reply.  Wow that's a lot of videos, I've subscribed to your channel and will go back and take a long look through.
Meanwhile though I wonder if you could be a little more specific for me on my problem.  You say use a disconnected table, by this do you mean a second calendar table?  How then do I use it in a slicer to filter three separate table visuals with diferent date ranges?

Thanks for your help.

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