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Slicer management

I have two slicers coming from single table.


Slicer 1- Student name

Slicer 2- Date


When I select a Student name & the Date slicer is auto filtered & shows only those dates applicable to selected Student. Now user cant select any other Student from Student slicer until the user selects 'All' in Date slicer. 


E.g. If St1 is selected & Date 23-12-22 selected, I cant see St2 and St3 in Student slicer as Date 23-12-22 is not applicable for St2 or St3. Then I need to select 'All' in dates slicer & after that it shows me all Student names. This is impacting the user experience. 


If I disable the interaction of these two slicers then the problem is  if someone selects a student name & date in slicer & selects any other Student name, the entire dashboard goes blank as the selected new Student name & date cmbination doesnt exist.


Student nameDate
Resolver I
Resolver I

@harshadrokade when you have a date slicer from date table which allows for continous dates instead of showing discontinued dates from your original table , it shows all the dates and the user can select the range of dates instead of selecting one date at a time. removing interaction from Students slicer to this Date slicer will make sure that the dates are not filtered and always available for the user to choose the dates.   the Students slicer which still has interaction from Date slicer which show only the students present in that date range.

This is not a solution to your problem, but another way of approaching. 

Resident Rockstar
Resident Rockstar

Hi @harshadrokade ,

 I would start by adding a separate date table if you don't already have one.


Thanks for the reply @djurecicK2 I cant have seperate date table as then it will not get filetered when I select Student name. I want to show only those dates to the user which are applicable to thr selected Student name. Having seperate date table will show all dates to the user in Date slicer & user willl not be aware which dates are applicable to the selected Student

@harshadrokade ,


Having a Date Table is the right way to go always. If you think you shouldn't have date table, then my suggestion is to use the filter pane instead of slicers.  This doesnt solve your problem but gives the user an understanding that the selected student or a date has a value in other column or not as shown below with 0 as value.




@LP280388 @djurecicK2  I am unable to understand how can a seperate Date table help me here? Are you talking about a delinked seperate table which will not get impacted by any value selection in Student name table?

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