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Slicer for multiple datasources


I have a question about slicers.
I have multiple csv files with the same columns, but different data.

These have a column with names, and a column with only true/false and a column with a numerica value.

Also I created a graph, with data from those files. No I want to have a slicer with possibility to select the true/false value and adjust the graph based on that, for all those different sheets.

Is this possible, and could anyone guide me a bit in the solution if so?
Thanks in advance.






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Thanks for your replys @AntonioM & @rohit_singh . 

For some reason it doesnt work. But thats more because I think I explained something wrong. Also because I just figured it out that I did that.

Long story short, I don't think with my files I can get the result I want and need to alter my files. But I really don't know for sure how to do it.. So I probably will quit.

Are you sure? What you've asked about definitely sounds doable. 


What is it about your files that's the problem?

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You can create a new table, just with two rows that say True and False. Link this to all of your datasource tables and then use it in the slicer. 



Another way would be to combine your csv files together. If they all have the same columns that could be worth doing anyway. You'd have another column saying which file any row originally came from that you could use to separate them. 

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Hi @Henricus ,

You can create separate dimension tables to use as a common filter for all your tables. 
For instance, you can create a table with a single column, that has two values, True or False
Then create a relationship between this table, and each of your data tables on the True/False column. On the report view, use the true/false column from the dimension table as a slicer.
Once you select a value from the slicer, your data tables will be filtered accordingly.

Kind regards,


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