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Advocate I

Slicer Search return just first value

I have a problem with the search option while trying to filter within the filter pane (and seen also on a regular slicer visual)

Lets say I want to filter my Customers and look for a specific customer named Chris Pratt But I have other customers named Chris So when I search "Chris" on the search option i only get Chris Evans (as he was first alphabetically) and even worse when i write the full name I don't get any result.

when I scroll down and look for it manually without the search I do see the name on the list. 


I noticed that this only happens when i have a filter on the [Year] althogh this Chris has data in that year (and again the name is on the list if I don't use the search option)


Please help 

Super User
Super User

@Elon , check if the slicer is showing an exclamation sign(On the top of slicer). if yes, it means it not displaying all data


else some other slicer is filtering it.


Use a page level filter search the customer filter and check if there is data coming in, that will tell if there is any other filter causing it.

Check for visual level filters on the slicer


You can also consider Text filter

Text Filter Slicer and how to search on Multiple columns:

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Hi @amitchandak thanks for the quick response

i don't have any I icon showing up, Again when i scroll down the list of customers without using the search i can see all the customers that named Chris (and ll the rest of the customers) but when i use the search option I only get the first Chris in the list (alphabetically). This happens when using either the slicer visual or the filter pane (page level filter)


It only happens when there is a filter on the year from dimdate but i have data in that year from all my Chrises (when I filter the customer before I filter the year I get data in my visuals)


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