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Showing User specific report

Hi All,


I am having a problmn in showing user specific reports.


I have my database in SQL SERVER where I have cummlative data of all the user.

I have inegrated Power BI in my Web Application to show reports.

Now I want to show report data specfic to the person who has loggged in, but unable to find any way.


Is there any why where I can send the dynamic data depending upon the person logged in to power BI to genrate report?


Any help will be appreciated.

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Did you find the solution for this?

Microsoft Employee
Microsoft Employee



In this scenario, if you want each accessing users can only view their related data, you need to configure Row Level Security with dynamic row level filter. For more details, please refer to articles below:


Different approach to Dynamic Row Level Security

Dynamic Row Level Security with Power BI Made Simple



Hi @v-sihou-msft,


Thanks for the reply.

In Row Level Security I need to have some groups or something to filter and assigne user everytime some user added to my application.

My goal is to show user specific power BI report in my .net application.


Approche's i used till now.


Approch 1 (currently using)



1. User logged in to my application.

2. I have fetched the user specific data from DB.

3. Created the Dynamic DataSet in Power BI.

4. Add rows in dataset.

5. Created Visul related to dataset 

6. saved it to report/daseboard

7. will integrated report/dasboard to my application and will show report to user.


Issue here is-  

1. how to filter data of report according to logged-In user in my application.

2. If I create Dataset for everyuser evert time they log-in and delete it when they log-off, then how will I automate the process of creating same visula for all data set and save tht report with some unique name




Approche 2 


1. I have connected my Power BI Destop to my DB (GET DATA).

2. Now Table has data of all the user.

3. Created Visuls with data.

4. Uploaded the .pbix file to my workspace in Azure.

5. Integrated the Power BI in my Application and got reports from azure and showed it.

6. Now catch is the report will show data of all the user but, I want to show data of only user who is logged in to my application i.e. report should filter data according to user ID and don't show visula with other user data.



Kindly forgive me,If I am doing some silly mistake. 

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