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Selecting row after and before

Good afternoon, guys.


Is it possible for me to select a row after and before a specific set of filled rows ? i wish to build up gaps in my dataset in order to extract the correct datediff from my time of work, but, my dataset is mixed and i have none to almost no reference to the correct process that the work is being done.  



01/02/2020 12:1501/02/2020 12:2301/02/2020 12:2301/02/2020 11:36
01/02/2020 12:2301/02/2020 12:3301/02/2020 12:3301/02/2020 12:15
01/02/2020 12:3301/02/2020 12:4001/02/2020 12:4001/02/2020 12:23
01/02/2020 12:4301/02/2020 13:02(one more row here should be:) 01/02/2020 12:43 
01/02/2020 14:2201/02/2020 14:25  
01/02/2020 14:2601/02/2020 14:36  
01/02/2020 14:3601/02/2020 15:34 01/02/2020 14:26 (this should not be here)
01/02/2020 15:3501/02/2020 15:48  
01/02/2020 15:5001/02/2020 15:55  
01/02/2020 16:5001/02/2020 16:50  
01/02/2020 16:5101/02/2020 16:51  
01/02/2020 18:4501/02/2020 18:4501/02/2020 18:45 
01/02/2020 18:4501/02/2020 18:4601/02/2020 18:4601/02/2020 18:45
01/02/2020 18:4601/02/2020 19:2601/02/2020 19:2601/02/2020 18:45
Community Support
Community Support

Hi @Anonymous ,


Sorry for that we cannot understand your requirement clearly. Do the third and fourth columns is the column need to added?  What is the logic to add those columns?


Does the third column copy the second column’s value? Does the fourth column copy the first column’s previous value? And why the third column and fourth column have some blank?


Could you please split the raw data of your sample and the expected result into two tables so that we can understand it easier?


Best regards,


Community Support Team _ zhenbw

If this post helps, then please consider Accept it as the solution to help the other members find it more quickly.

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Another example, but with some data that should not be considered.


orange: should not be there

yellow: it's okay to have this sequence, because it starts with code idParada 387



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Another example:

this one is better, as you can see i have a lot of yellow rows that need to be filled, because the dtInicio of the previous row is equal to dtFim of the next row until the orange colored rows (as you can see, here the continuation ends and the cycle is broken) 


Not applicable

Hey, i'm sorry for taking so long to answer. i Was sick the last few days and wasn't able to use the computer.



So, about the issue in hands. it's as the following image:

Everytime time the number 387 appears in the column idParada, i want the column SETUP MARK to show me dtinicio continuously (dtinicio of the previous row is equal to the dtFim from the next) as it is shown in the example. BUT, in some situations, it does not fill the rows, as you can see in the yellow ones. 




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