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Helper I
Helper I

See Records on Table

While using MS Power BI Desktop, I want to be able to use the "See Records" capability within a table. I have some charts that display similar information that I currently use to look at the records quickly for a specific datapoint. It would be even more useful if I could just right click the part number I wish to see the records for and click "See Records". Instead I have to recognise a part number I want to investigate further on the table then go to my chart and right click then click "See Records". I would just do another chart for this data, but I have notes attached so that my team and I can quickly determine if we need to investigate further or move onto the next item. If I use a chart I lose the notes. Does anyone know if this is possible? I am also about two or three weeks into using MS Power BI so I am still a novice.

Super User
Super User

@mfminor what about if people want to see the underlying data, to just connect to the model using the "Analyze in Excel" functionality?


In doing it this way, they are still looking at the same data, but you get all the added flexibility of pivot tables in Excel?

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@mfminor I've been trying to wrap my head around your description, and I just can't seem to do it... Is there a reason you can't just add the columns to the table? It's hard to make recommendations without seeing things, but another alternative would be to add the notes to the table containing the chart info? "See records" shows you everything in the table regardless of what is in the visual, which is what I'm guessing your after.

Could you include some screenshots of what you want?

There are a number of different ways to get a working solution, but one of those obviously doesn't inlcude any interactivity with tables/matrix's.

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@Seth_C_Bauer Basically what I use this table for is to present a part number (PN_used), Number of failures, the description of the part, and any notes about the failures (if necessary). The number of failures comes from a measure I wrote to only count values that were deemed as the "Primary Failure". This is were the problem somewhat lies. The charts I use are just a total count of the PN_Used whether it was the "Primary Failure" or not. So what is top of the list here might be staggered somewhere in the middle on my chart. If I were to find the corresponding PN_Used on the chart I can use the "see records" capability it would allow me to look at all 29 records that exist where 561-00013-01 was cited as failing. Adding this information to the table would make it look visually unappealing and harder to consume the information. While creating another chart for this information does not allow me to easily see the notes with out using the "see records" capability.

@mfminor If I understand you correctly, the data in the chart is what you want to see without losing the notes in the table? What about adding the PN_Used as a slicer. As you determine which specific PN_Used value you want to look at distinctly you could search directly in the slicer and the chart would filter to only showing those parts.

Or, are you asking to be able to drill into the "Number of Failures" measure number? If that is the case, I'm not aware of any solution that would allow you to do this... The only value that you can interact with in a table/matrix would be something that you specify as a URL link...

Looking for more Power BI tips, tricks & tools? Check out the site I co-own with Mike Carlo. Also, if you are near SE WI? Join our PUG Milwaukee Brew City PUG

@Seth_C_Bauer Yes I want to drill down from the table to see the records that create the "number of failures". A slicer is my current work around, I actually have been using the custom visualization called "SmartFilterBySQLBI". Thanks for the help. This pretty much confirms what I already thought.

Community Champion
Community Champion

@mfminor I believe you are asking for the equivalent of double-clicking any cell in a Pivot Table


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@Sean Yes, kind of, only I would like more than one detail at a time. I currently have fields that would show me repair comments, repair date, return date, sn received, reference designator for the component changed, when the specific unit was packed for shipment, power cycles, and power on time. This is why my team and I find the "See Records" feature on charts to be very interesting. When we have the need to see all that information it is quickly presented in a couple of clicks already pre-filtered to just the units that we care to see.

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