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Search option using zip codes


I am trying to create a search box that allows user to type in zip code and return top 5 clients in that zip code. It seems I can only search by text and I need to be able to use zip codes. Any help would be greatly appreciated. 


you seem to be using a custom visual.

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New Member

Is there another way I can create a search box that someone can type a zip code into and the top 5 clients will populate? 

Use the regular filter pane?

Thank you for responding! I appreciate your assistance. It looks like I had to update my data fields as you mentioned in the begining. Once I changed my settings it started working. I appreciate all your help. 

I am obvisioulsy doing something wrong and am not able to get it to work otherwise I would not be on here asking for help. I understand that the regular filter pane is an option but I do not know how to use it since I am not achieving my results. If someone could please assist me with how I can Create a search box to enter a zip code and have the top five clients return to a table I would greatly appreciate it. I thank any one that is willing to assist me. 

New Member

Is there another way I can create a seach box that a zip code can be entered into and top 5 clients be returned? 

Super User
Super User

Are you saying your ZIP code column is not a text column?

It is a text column but I am not able to search by zip code. It is only letting me search by letters. 




you seem to be using a custom visual.

The custom visual was a success. Thanks again for all your help!


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