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Helper IV
Helper IV

Scheduled refresh has been disabled

I had the following error pop-up on my report recently:  

  • Data source errorScheduled refresh is disabled because at least one data source is missing credentials. To start the refresh again, go to this dataset's settings page and enter credentials for all data sources. Then reactivate scheduled refresh.

I've checked my source file, which is a standard .xls file that I have saved in a shared file in SharePoint. For some odd reason, when I go to edit the credentials, the Authentication Method only shows, "Windows without impersonation" and I can select any privay level setting, only to have it just freeze while it loads indefinitely. What am I missing? 





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Helper IV
Helper IV

Ok, got it to work. Thanks for your help!

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Helper IV
Helper IV

I see; ok, that makes better sense now. So I just need to change my source to connect to the sharepoint location of the file? 

Yes, basically, and then reupload it to you workspace and configure it again.


Ok, so I'm about there but it won't take my new URL path. Is there a specific way to input the new path? 

well, as I wrote it has to be specifed path:


My SharePoint site root url is, but all of my files are actually in another site that starts with URL.

In order to use the correct URL, we need to be in the folder of the data that we’re trying to get and check the url that our browser shows. If it has the if it starts with the format of https://<site address>/sites/<sitename>/ then we need to use that url, otherwise we use the much simpler https://<site address>

In my own case, I’ll be using the url in order to connect to my site."

Memorable Member
Memorable Member

Hello, @Alta88 
I can see you didn't use Sharepoint folder connector, but you used your local files, at least from the Path that I can see in the shot that starts with C:\..., that'S never good practice.

Make sure you get your sharepoint online path, usually in " or something like that.


Here's link on Sharepoint folder:


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