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New Member

SUMMARIZE link with a second date table with and inactive relationship

Hi all


For the final result of my report, I need to create 2 tables using SUMMARIZE 


My fact table (TblSales) is linked with a date tabel (using the DateID). The date table is also linked with a second date table using an inactive 1-to-1 relationship. The reason why is that I need to compare two adjustable periodes (FYI : it is a sales report in which I need to compare the average prices of two adjustable periode) 


My first table is correct 

TblTemp1 = SUMMARIZE ('TblSales' 'TblSales'[CustomerNo], 'TblSales'[MaterialNo])


The second table (I will use this is a measure as a variant) that I need to created needs to ignore the filtercontect of the first date table, and take into account the filter context of the second date table. 


Can someone help me out on this one? 

I assume it is with function USERELATIONSHIP, but I do not manage to get it right 








The first tabel is based on a 


Why do you need to use Summarize?  It has its place, but is often used incorrectly in place of using visuals such as a Matrix to generate the required outcome. 

* Matt is an 8 times Microsoft MVP (Power BI) and author of the Power BI Book Supercharge Power BI.

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