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SAP HANA odbc driver link

Hi,  I am trying to connect SAP HANA form PowerBI Desktop. Here we need ODBC driver to install in Machine. PowerBi jsut added below link


I have no idea which file do i need to download. Please guide me where can i download the file. 





Helper IV
Helper IV

Save yourself the grief and just go here, 


Microsoft and SAP compete so SAP has no real incentive to make it easy for Microsoft BI tools to access their data. 

New Member

Hi, if you have an account for the SAP Support Portal (customer, partner, ask-your-administrator), then just enter SAP HANA client in the search bar. Take 2.0 and select the operating system (Windows, I assume). 

If you do not have an SAP support account, you can also download the SAP HANA client from the Developer community This will direct you to the SAP store; also requires an account but this one is free. 

If you want to learn more about SAP HANA, try the SAP HANA Academy on with 1000's of free tutorials. Thanks for watching!




Thanks  @dvkempen Very helpful !! 

One more question .. After download, What should I do ? 

I would suggest installing the product. 





Denys van Kempen / SAP HANA Academy

Thanks, I am successfully connected with SAP HANA. 

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