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Post Prodigy
Post Prodigy

Reverse Revenue and Keep the Correct NET Value



Has anyone reversed revenue in Power BI?


I am migrating all SSRS Great Plains Financial reports over to Power BI.  Already, Power BI has proved to be faster, and allow the organization to look at numbers from Great Plains in whole new ways. 


The Major issue, and I even opened a Premier Suppport case with Microsoft about this is that when bringing in numbers, revenue shows as negative and expenses show as possitive.  My goal would be to make the revenue negative number be a positive number but not affect the overall net amount calculated in the Table or Matrix


Perhaps a Measure could perform some sort of DAX format and we could use that measure in the report. The overall requirement though is that the total net value calculated by the -revenue and +expense in a table or matrix be accurate.




Someone like Vvelarde may actually have a solution to this issue.  Vvelarde has appears to have an extreemly in-depth knowledge of DAX and perhaps there is some sort of Measure that would perform a format change of the records categorized as Revenue.


Here is what a SSRS report shows:


ssrs.pngHere is what Power BI Shows:  powerbi.png


Hi @lcasey,


My goal would be to make the revenue negative number be a positive number but not affect the overall net amount calculated in the Table or Matrix.


In DAX, you could you ABS function to make the negative number to a positive number. ABS function returns the absolute value of a number. However, the total row is calculated automatically, we cannot change the expression on total row, so if you make the negative number to a positive number, it seems that it will effect total row.





Charlie Liao

I have found a solution to Reversing Revenue.


For anyone struggling with this using the Great Plains General Ledger, here is what I did:


Created Calculatd column to Identify Revenue within my GL table :


Revenue = IF(RELATED('00-COASlicer'[PLTYPE]) = "Revenue" ,1,0)


I created 3 Measures to Handle Debit , Credit and Amount:


Credit = Sum('00-GLSummary'[CRDTAMNT])


Debit = SUM('00-GLSummary'[DEBITAMT])


Amount  = IF(SUM('00-GLSummary'[Revenue]) > 0,[Credit] - [Debit],[Debit] - [Credit])


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