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Return a group result in a table visual



I have a list of properties/addresses. These work within a hierarchy, a Property is within a Sub-block is within a Block is within an Estate. Every level of the hierarchy doesn’t always exist but that is the order, for example, a Property could just be within the Block and there is no Sub-block.


I have a table for the properties with columns for the relevant sub-blocks, blocks, estates and the references for each level of the hierarchy.


I have another table which with a list of different water assets and a number of columns, Asset Code, Asset Type, Asset Code. These water assets each correspond to either a property, sub-block, etc. There could be a corresponding asset at any level of the hierarchy.


I have created a list made from the original property list with each different hierarchy level appended on, the is then fed into a slicer. So you can select any level of the hierarchy from one list. The list has a reference column.


The water asset table also has a reference column which corresponds to the relevant reference numbers in the property list.


I would like it so that when the slicer is selected, it returns the results of every level of the hierarchy in a table visual.


Here is an example file,, in this file is a hierarchy


Property - 11 High Street

Sub-block – 11-40 High Street

Block – High Street

Estate – High Street Estate


If you select any of those addresses in the slicer I want it to return the same results as they within the same hierarchy. It should return any corresponding results from the water asset table for any of those addresses.


I hope that makes sense. I thought I might be able to do this with a large amount of merges but from previous experience this would grind power query to a halt with the amount of data I’m looking at. So how can I do this more efficiently?


Thank you in advance for any help.


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