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New Member

Retrive value of the first column looking at the values in the rest of the row

Hi All,


I have 2 tables, not linked to eachother (they cannot be linked).

Table 1 contain the database and all values are unique.

Table 2 contains the observation made. for each observation I want to look into table 1 is the observation is in in there and if yes I want name1 returned. 

Table 2 may can contain dulicates.


Has anyone any suggestions?




New Member

I m not sure about pivoting and unpivoting the tables. I did not quite understand it. 


so this is what I did


if(ISBLANK(LOOKUPVALUE(name1,name1,Observation) == FALSE(),LOOKUPVALUE(Name1,Name1,Observation),
if(ISBLANK(LOOKUPVALUE(Name1,Name2,Observation)) == FALSE(),LOOKUPVALUE(Name1,Name2,Observation),
#Repeat for the other columns,
#finally use blank() to leave a blank cell in case a value was not found.
Super User
Super User

@simon_boniz , You can unpivot table 2, You will have the name and observation. Then you join them in model and use in visual


or merge in power query

Append :


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