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Renaming field based on criteria

Hi Gents,


I have the following table:

col1 col2

A       R

B       S 

C       T

D       W


I would like to rename the field in Column1 based on the following:

if col2 value = R or S or W then col1 value is Blue

and if col2 value = T or ..or.. then col1 value is Red




Super User
Super User

@abukapsoun , You can create a new column in DAX


col3 = if( [col2] in {"R", "S", "W"},"Blue", "Red")

Thanks, is there an elseif  because I have different criterias, i.e Blue, Red, Green, Purple.. 

Or i am thinking with the conditional column, but how to enter multiple value in the value field so I dont create 1 clause per value


@abukapsoun , In DAX you have Switch


col3 = Switch( True(),

[col2] in {"R", "S", "W"},"Blue",

// Add more conditions


Refer my Video:

Power query is if then else  and you can have if again in then or else

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In the conditional formatting, how can I specify the "Or" in the value field, so I can don't create a clause per value?






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