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Regional Settings has no effect on number formats

Hi there


Version of Power BI Desktop: 2.42.4611.901 64-bit (January 2017)


I'm struggling with localized number formats. I want to have them displayed in Swiss German format. The regional setting applied in Power BI Desktop (File - Options and Settings - Options - Regional Settings - Locale)has no effect. In Power BI Desktop the number format is displayed the way I want it (Swiss German). But this is even the case when I set the PBI Desktop regional setting to another localization (e.g. English US). Shouldn't the number formats be changed according to the regional setting?


Anyway, after publishing the report to Power BI Service the numbers  are displayed in a different format (English US, I guess). No matter which browser or device I use: it's always the same.


Screenshot 1: Number format in Power BI Desktop

Screenshot 2: Number format after publishing




According to this blog post  when viewing a report in the browser the number format should be according to the browsers language setting. I checked with different browsers on different devices with varying language settings: The number format always remains the same.


Does anyone have an idea how to fix this?


Thanks a lot in advance!


Helper I
Helper I



I have the same effect with Power BI Report Server 2017 on-premises (June 2017).


In IE11 Internet Options, i set the language to "German (Switzerland) [de-CH]". Example number for de-CH is 9'999.99

But in the rendered Website, the number format is as example 9.999,99 witch is "German (Germany) [de-DE]"

I guess they use only "German" as formatting parameter, the culture part "Switzerland" is ignored...


Greetings, Roli

nothing happens since months on this topic ;-(

Also in the august 2018 releas, still this important feature is missing.

Please try the way over "ms premier support channel" with a "critical design change request". you could linking your case to exisiting one "Case 118011117446788: reporting server region settings". without the pressure from many swiss german customers, NOTHING will happens.




Frequent Visitor


Power BI Desktop August 2018 --> is working fine

Power BI Report Server August 2018  --> the issue still exists!




Frequent Visitor


Power BI Desktop August 2018 --> is working fine

Power BI Report Server August 2018  --> the issue still exists!




It seems the Power BI Desktop always takes the locale setting in your current system. However I still can't reproduce the your issue, the numbers keep same format in Power BI Desktop after I published. I suggest you change the locale setting in Power Query (query editor). For more details, see: Working With International Date And Number Formats In Power Query.



Hi Simon


Thanks for you answer. When viewing the report in the browser it is supposed to take the browser setting for formatting? I checked with different browser in all the language is set to German with no success.


I made a sample report: 


Link to report


Could you please have a look and let me know whether the number format are according to your browser settings? In the report there is a screenshot included that shows how it looks like in Power BI Desktop. 


Thanks alot!


Am I the only one having this issue?

Yes - I have this problem EVERY time I publish in Canada.  The regional settings cannot be changed on the server as it dictates some of the information in the main application being used.


An override for this would be very helpful.

In case someone else is experiencing this issue.


I got in touch with Microsoft. Their answer: 

As for the update from our product team, this is by design and they are working on ability to customize date format strings.



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