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Helper I
Helper I

Random Select with Selective Criteria DAX

Hi, I want to get a subset of data for auditing purpose, I used "SAMPLE" function, which is very easy and helpful. However I need to keep the sample size but filter something out from the sample pool. Is it possible?


For example, I have 5 sales agents, they signed 500 contracts, each contract has different revenue. Now I want to audit 50  with revenue greater than 10k' s contract. Agent 1 and 2 signed 100 contracts each, Agent 3 signed 200 contracts, Agent 4 signed 20, and agent 5 signed 80. So the ratio for each agent will be: 20%, 20%, 40%, 4% and 16%. Now I want my sample is 10 contracts from Agent 1 and 2, 20 contracts from Agent3, 2 contracts from Agent 4, and 8 contracts from Agent 5. And all of the sample contracts revenue has to greater than 10k.



Community Support
Community Support

Hi Yucy,



However I need to keep the sample size but filter something out from the sample pool. Is it possible?



<--- Could you share some sample data and clarify more details about your requirement and expected results?



Jimmy Tao

Can you still help on this one?  Thanks

Yes, basically we want to do a contract sample auditing semi-monthly. Usually we will get 5000 contract every 15 days by different sales people. We want to do a ramdom sample audit for those contracts revenue greater than 5k. First, we want to get a ratio of contacts per sales, say sales A signed 2000 contracts of the 5000 total, we want to ramdom audit 10% of his/her 2000 contracts which revenue greater than 5000. Sales B may only signed 200 contracts of the 5000 total, so we only want to audit 20 contracts from his'her 200 total contracts. Make sense?



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