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Python visual displaying a map in a new webpage

Hello All,


I am trying to create a heatmap, using the Power BI heat map visual,  it doesnt fulfill my purpose, as i dont see option to add text on hover, and no way to add a tooltip.

I tried creating one using python visual and it wroks perfectly, the only problem is that it shows up in a new web page, instead on the report view.


I am not sure, if theres something that i missed in the code, or thats how it works.  Please find teh code below

# The following code to create a dataframe and remove duplicated rows is always executed and acts as a preamble for your script:

# dataset = pandas.DataFrame(shipcountry, postcode)
# dataset = dataset.drop_duplicates()

# Paste or type your script code here:
import pgeocode
import pandas as pd
import as px
import numpy as np

fig = px.density_mapbox(dataset, lat='latitude', lon='longitude', z='Adjusted Revenue', radius=10,
                        center=dict(lat=dataset['latitude'].mean(), lon=dataset['longitude'].mean()), zoom=5,

dataset['Adjusted Revenue'] = dataset['Adjusted Revenue'].round(2)

hover_data = {
    'latitude': False,
    'longitude': False,
    'Adjusted Revenue': True

fig.update_traces(customdata=dataset[['Adjusted Revenue']],
                  hovertemplate='<extra></extra>Adjusted Revenue: €%{customdata:.2f}')

I am quite new to Power BI, and would really appreciate your help.

A fellow student tired of googling.
Super User
Super User

You cannot bring your own renderer ( in your case).  You must use the default renderer.

View solution in original post

Super User
Super User

You cannot bring your own renderer ( in your case).  You must use the default renderer.

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Okay, thanks.

And if I use the default Map visual, I am unable to add hover over the map funcionality, is there anyway I could do that?

Didn't Arcgis have heatmap options? You can also consider using Deneb.

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oh wow, yes! I activated the ArcGIS settings and I was able to get what I was looking for, thank you!

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