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Proper row calculation (trying to fix issue coming from source ERP data)

Hello Community:   


Occassionaly, our ERP system will break down a shipped line into multiple rows.  In this case, this order had 21 lines, and for whatever reason,  Line 20 got broken down into multiple rows  (the parent row you cannot see says Line 20).   All of the ship dates are the same, but I suspect at different hours:minutes (which we don't use in our Power Bi reporting). 


In Power Bi, this Order, on this particular ship date, will show 6 lines....when it should only show 1  (Line 20).   


I've tried countrows, countdistinct, etc and none of them end up working correctly in one way or another.   This does not happen on most orders, but it happens on some and it throws my total line count of shipped orders off because it adds lines where it shouldn't and what I really need is for Line 20 to be properly summed up  (inclusive of all the qty shipped). 


I beleive the issue needs to fixed at the source, or perhaps in the dataflow, but I am curious if there is a formulaic way to correct this  ( I do not control the source data or the dataflow).    



multiple lines.png

Solution Sage
Solution Sage

Hi @Anonymous, why not just use a "group by" step in Power Query? 

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