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Previous Period Average Based On Date Range Selection

Hi Everyone, 


I'm a bit stuck on something. I'm trying to find previous period average sales. This on its own i've been able to do, however, where i'm getting stuck is i need to find average sales for the [date range selected on slicer] minus 7 days. 


For example: 

If i select date range as 25/09/20 - 30/09/20, then the 'previous period' would be 18/09/20 - 24/09/20. So it's the min date of what the user selects minus 7 days. 


I tried that logic but i think i'm using the incorrect functions because i keep getting errors. 


Is anyone able to shed some light on what approach i need to take? 


Thanks guys!

Community Support
Community Support

Hi @Anonymous,

You can also take a look at the following blog to use the date function to manually define the filter range to calculate the rolling average:

Time Intelligence "The Hard Way" (TITHW)  


Xiaoxin Sheng

Community Support Team _ Xiaoxin
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Super User
Super User

@Anonymous , Try a trailing 7 days measure. But use date table with that


Trailing 7 days =CALCULATE(SUM(Sales[Sales Amount]),dateadd('Date'[Date],-7,DAY))

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Hi @amitchandak - I keep getting the same average as the time period selected, rather than the average for the previous period. This is what i'm using: 


var average = SUMMARIZE('FactSales', 'Date'[Date], "AverageAmount", SUM('FactSales'[SalesValue])), [AverageAmount])

      CALCULATE(_average, DATEADD('Date'[Date], -7, DAY))

@Anonymous , try like


CALCULATE(SUM('FactSales'[SalesValue]), DATEADD('Date'[Date], -7, DAY))

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