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New Member

Powerbi Relationship

Hi team,

I have a case where I want to create a relationship between two tables. One carries timepoints and the header row is the identifier. Looks like this:



The second carries metadata for the same series, where the identifier is now a column.




My ultimate goal is to be able to create a relationship so that I can apply in the report a filter of let's say 'Freq = Monthly' or 'Country = United States' and that should filter only the applicable Series Names and their timepoints from the first table.

I've been struggling with this for the past hour. Let me know if you have come across the same situation.

Thanks in advance!


Continued Contributor
Continued Contributor

Hi @Delyan_Kirilov ,


Select the first row of the first table and unpivot other columns. Then you can create the relationship.

If you want you can create unique Series Name table to.


Hi Dinesh,


Thank you for your quick help. I've tried this in the beginning and the relationship is possible then. The issue is that in this form the timeseries are not very usable in the visualisation panel. The are grouped under one attribute and plotting two economic variables now becomes very hard and not native for PowerBi. 



Thank @Dinesh_Suranga  for your prompt reply.

Hi @Delyan_Kirilov ,

Can you provide detailed data (without sensitive information) and provide the outputs expected for the economic variables. This will allow us to better understand and solve the problem you are having.

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If it does not help, please provide more details with your desired out put and pbix file without privacy information.


Best Regards,

Ada Wang

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Hi Ada,


Thank you for assisting me. The community portal doesn't allow me to attach an xlsx file, but let me describe the issue below.


Here's an example table. It has more than one metadata description (name of the indicator, country, frequency, etc.). 

In the conventional table, we only have one column header (indicator name). The idea is to be able to create a dashboard to allow users to filter with all other metadata fields too. Imagine charts, where you click on a slicers with 'countries' or 'frequencies' and that filters series with only that attribute. Do you know an elegant way to do that?








Series Name(DC)Exports: fob: Advanced Economies: Italy(DC)Exports: fob: Advanced Economies: Spain(DC)Exports: fob: Advanced Economies: Portugal(DC)Exports: fob: Advanced Economies: Portugal(DC)Exports: fob: Advanced Economies: Ireland(DC)Exports: fob: Advanced Economies: Ireland(DC)Exports: fob: Advanced Economies: Greece
FrequencyQuarterly, ending "Mar, June, Sep, Dec"Annual, ending "Dec" of each yearQuarterly, ending "Mar, June, Sep, Dec"MonthlyMonthlyAnnual, ending "Dec" of each yearMonthly
UnitUSD mnUSD mnUSD mnUSD mnUSD mnUSD mnUSD mn
SourceInternational Monetary FundInternational Monetary FundInternational Monetary FundInternational Monetary FundInternational Monetary FundInternational Monetary FundInternational Monetary Fund
Series ID2.6E+082.6E+082.6E+082.6E+082.6E+082.6E+082.6E+08
Last Update Time#################################################
01-1997   260.061091.53 241.71
02-1997   229.961053.74 260.13
03-19976931.79 748.68258.661160.87 300.77
04-1997   262.621109.59 292.10
05-1997   271.091160.51 287.95
06-19977269.05 778.15244.441117.17 310.96
07-1997   271.421014.84 312.90
08-1997   254.221030.25 295.87
09-19976757.52 747.10221.461121.26 337.36
10-1997   272.191264.57 315.67
11-1997   242.941310.69 284.18
01-1998   228.991128.11 299.40

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