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Power BI data export automation

I update my team's project updates weekly and it takes few minutes now that the base data is set. Current setup is that 5x raw data is pulled from three different systems and all is in excel format. Platform for raw data is Salesforce, Navision, and BI report.
However, I would like to automate it so that the data is published on a set day & time automatically without me having to extract data and then running Power BI to publish.
I am only a beginner and any help will be appreciated.

Resolver I
Resolver I

Hi @Qays 

You can use the following steps to automate the process of updating your team's project updates:


Connect Data Sources: Ensure that the three systems (Salesforce, Navision, and BI report) from which you get your raw data are connected. Power Query, a data connectivity and transformation tool in Power BI, can be used for this.


Set up Data Refresh: In Power BI, you can set up a data refresh schedule to have the data updated automatically on a certain day and time. To accomplish this, go to the Power BI service (web portal), choose your dataset, and then under the "Scheduled Refresh" section, set up a refresh schedule. To configure data refresh for the dataset, you must have the necessary permissions.


Use Power Query in Power BI Desktop to transform and clean the raw data that has been taken from the various systems. To conduct data transformations including filtering, combining, and aggregating, Power Query offers a simple user interface. For each data source, you can build queries and perform the required transformations.


Create Reports: Create the relevant reports and graphics in Power BI Desktop to properly present the project changes. To visualise the data, you may create interactive dashboards, charts, and tables. To convey the status and development of the project, arrange the pictures in a relevant way.


Configure Data Refresh: In the Power BI service, make sure to configure the data refresh schedule for the published dataset. This will ensure that the data is automatically refreshed at the set day and time, pulling the latest information from the connected systems. You can set the refresh frequency based on your team's requirements.


By automating the data refresh and publishing process in Power BI, you can save time and effort in manually extracting data and running Power BI each time you need to update the project reports. The data will be automatically refreshed according to your configured schedule, providing your team with up-to-date project information.

Remember to regularly monitor the data refresh process to ensure that it runs smoothly and address any potential issues that may arise.


Thank you
Hope this will help you



Thank you Sapna. I will update here once I have trialed.

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