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Power BI cant connect to sharepoint

Hi! I want to connect my power bi to data source from sharepoint folder. But when i sign in with my microsoft account, i got the error message : "We're unable to connect. Please delete your credentials and sign in again later". Does anyone know what happened here?


*note: my power BI desktop version is january 2022



Responsive Resident
Responsive Resident

I have the May 2022 version of PBI desktop. I wanted to connect PBI to an Excel spreadsheet on Sharepoint but was unable to get it to work. I tried 2 different connectors and every permutation I could find and nothing worked. I used at least 5 examples from online, many of them very old, and my own permutations. I tried connecting to a Sharepoint folder and to the file, and there were several ways to get a link to the file or folder which PBI needed. Nothing worked.

I believe I submitted this as an Idea to have the ability to connect to a Sharepoint folder or file. 

Our workaround will be to host the file on a network drive backed up by Onedrive to the cloud. We have not set this up yet so I haven't tested it. 

Super User
Super User

Hi @bi2904 


I faced with this issue once when I changed my password and I was not able to refresh the report that was connected to the sharepoit.

I did all and at the end that issue was solved by installing the PBI desktop again!!


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Appreciate your Kudos!! 


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Hi @VahidDM 
I also have re-installed my PBI Desktop but still get the same error. On the other hand, I also asked my friend who has never connected to sharepoint, and strangely he got the same error.

Resolver IV
Resolver IV


What authentication method are you using?


You could try this:

Power BI Desktop customers may experience authentication issues attempting to connect to data source using AAD and may see the following error message "We're unable to connect. Please delete your credentials and try again later". As a workaround customers can go to Power BI Desktop and enable Options -> Security -> Authentication Browser -> “Use my default web browser”. 

Used the microsoft account authentication method.


This option

Options -> Security -> Authentication Browser -> “Use my default web browser”

is not available in my power bi dekstop version (january 2022)




Resolver IV
Resolver IV


You can edit/clear your credentials by going file-options and settings-data source settings:


Then seleting the datasource and clearing the permissions



Hi thank you for replying.
I did what you said to clear the permission, but it still not working. I also tried to create a new pbix file and make a new connection to sharepoint but get the same error message

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Hi @bi2904

Have you found the solution eventually? I got the same error as well.

Responsive Resident
Responsive Resident

Yes I got it to work.

First, upgrade your PBI Desktop version, it's free. These instructions are for PBI Desktop, not for PBI Paginated Reports or any other PBI component.


  1. Go to your Sharepoint site in a browser.
  2. Make a Sharepoint folder if you need to. Share this folder with anyone who will read the PBI report.
  3. Drag the file you want to access in PBI to Sharepoint.
  4. Share the file you uploaded to Sharepoint with anyone who will read the PBI report. They will use their Microsoft login for PBI.

Now go to PBI Desktop.

  1. Open PBIX file.
  2. Log off PBI. Log back in. You have to do this to get the new permissions from Sharepoint. You must log in using your Microsoft credentials in Sharepoint and PBI Desktop.
  3. Click Get Data, search for "Sharepoint Folder". Click on Sharepoint Folder, click Connect button.
  4. Click Transform button.
  5. The PBI data window will pop up. You should see several columns like Content (which says "Binary"), Name, etc.
  6. Click Dropdown under Name, uncheck all files you do not want. Click OK.
  7. In "Content" column, click ONCE on the double down arrow to break open the PBI transform table. A popup screen should appear.
  8. Choose the tab of your spreadsheet you want to use. Preview data should be shown. Click OK
  9. You should be shown the query from the Excel file. Rename the query.
  10. You can also delete the "Source.Name" column and any other blank columns that were found.

I hope this helps!

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