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Power BI and Excel Help



First time posting here for support, I hope someone can understand my issue and provide some help. I have a PBI dashboard setup and use Excel data tables to provide the visuals. What I am looking for is a way to use an Excel document in PBI as if I were just using it in Excel, if that makes any sense. I want to feed it with my existing data in PBI. Is this something that can be done?


Thanks much for any responses.

Resolver I
Resolver I

Hi @Jayson005 ,


Can you please describe little more on  the requirement..
Do you want to connect you existing power bi with excel? like if you update the excel, that data should be updated in powerbi?


Please feel free to contact @+91-9711975011 or if you think it needs a discussion over call/email




To your question no. the scenario is this, I have a group of people using a PBI dashboard with severla data tabs and visuals. I have a separte excel doc that they folks are using the be able to drill into related data. i want to be able to pull in that excel doc into my existing PBI so that we do now have 2 sources. PBI is not good at drilling into specific data. I want to create a tab that will mostly function like excel with this document without the use of housing it in a separate location. I knew this might be difficult to explain, hopefully you are seeing the picture.



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