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Power Automate Environment / Power BI

When importing the Power Automate for Power BI visual I only get flows, or can create flows, in the default power automate environment. Is it possible to get flows from a non-default environment using this visual?

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Advocate I

Microsoft just announced an update to the Power Automate visual and the functionality to choose environment is now there:

View solution in original post

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Advocate I

Microsoft just announced an update to the Power Automate visual and the functionality to choose environment is now there:

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You can switch to different PowerApp Environment on PowerBI Online (Not on PowerBI Desktop) when clicking on the PowerAutomate Button.

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I don't think you can use flows from environment other than your default environment of Power Automate. 


Documentation for Power automate visual in Power BI states:

"The visual will only display flows within your default environment. We plan to add support for an environment selector by the general availability release."



For the record - this is possible for PowerApps visuals. There you can switch environments.

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I found a solution. 


Step 1 - get the "ID" of 2nd environment(the one that is not default), basically when you select it on the Power Automate page your URL will look like this


Step 2 - Open the Power BI Report at Edit mode on browser (it will not work on Power BI Desktop)

Step 3 - Go to the trigger of Power Automate inside of report and Edit, it will show you the list of flows on default environment. 

Step 4 - Right click and "Inspect" to see the source code of the page, search for "Environment", in my case it's the 5th ocurrence. It's a iframe with a long address.

It starts with:

Step 5 - Change the the part between "environments/" and "/flows" to the 2nd environment (got on Step1). It will refresh the iframe automatically and then you will see the list of flows on 2nd environment.

TESTED ON EDGE, I believe it works for Chrome and others.

If works for you give me a LIKE 🙂

Big thanks, this was a lifesaver for me. 
However this worked a month ago, and now I'm getting "unsuccessful" when I click on the Power Automate button. Anyone in a similar space?

hi, I was in the same situation and solved the issue after going around posts and solutions.

The solution is to go with the evivronment selection provided in Power BI Service,



I just rebuilt the button and added fields on Power BI Service, still not able to change environment in Desktop.

Thanks for the solution, it works properly for myself. However, my colleague is still directed to the default environment when they open the same report and click the same button.  Can this solution be applied the same to other users as well? 

BTW don't forget to give a 👍


It sounds weird for me. Just a obivous question, have you update the App after doing it? This is a visual settings change and if you don't update the App it will keep previous version on it.

If you did I expect that it will work exactly in same way for all users, if not, could be the case that this user don't have access to this specific environment.

Best regards.

I am sorry but what do you mean by saying 'update the App' ?  I saved the report after I changed environment id from default to another one.  But when I open the report and go into edit mode of the power automate button, it shows the same old power automate flow that exists in the default enviroment as if nothing was changed.  Interesting fact is that the button is working perfect using a new flow in another environment even though it appears connected to the previous flow in the default enviroment.  😅

Ok, I see, actually this is expected, this method have to be applied each time you go to edit mode of the button, it means you are not able to do changes on Power BI Desktop and if you edit it even on browser it will show the Default and them you have to apply the method again. In any case it supposed to work for all users, not to edit but to use the Power Automate element itself.


Regarding the "update the App" I mean that is the app of Power BI Online for a given workspace, but don't worry as you don't know i'm sure it's not your case.

I tried this and it worked to allow me to connecto to a different environment and launch the Power Automate, however it did not pass any of the variable I had selected to the Power Automate but instead shows this for the body:

    "body": {
        "entity": {
            "Power BI values": []


My case it's only a trigger with no variables. I would recomend to check if there is more instance of enviroment and flow URL and replace it as well. Also you can try to create a Automate Flow on the standard enviroment and in the different enviroment, and proceed with the steps above to migrate from one to another, but I'm not sure that it will work, you have to try...

Best regards.

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Any solution for this yet ? 

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It's 17th August 2022 still I don't get any solution to this. Can anyone please share the workaround for this.


It's 17th August 2022 and I have done research still no solution to this. Can someone please share the solution if any.



Amit Kumar Rath

Super User
Super User

Currently, you cannot change the Power Automate environment.  There is an idea that you can go upvote to add this functionality.  Please see this link: 

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Do we know if the issue is going to be be resolved by Microsoft? As the Power apps solution will not allow me to retrieve data from the Power Bi report like my curretn flow. 



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Did anyone find a solution for this?

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