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Pie Chart and Calculation Help

My dataset is has a Start Date and a Finish Date, and from this information I am currently calculating Day Count, Days Remaining and Days Complete.


I am trying to represent within a pie chart, how many days have been completed, and how many days are remaining, however Power BI is summing the rows because the dataset itself is aggregated daily.  Unlike the "table visualization", there is not an option for "Don't Summarize".  The pictures below show the pie chart with the "Days in Flight" and "Days Remaining" summed, and the table view with the correct information.


I am looking for two answers/suggestions:


1.  How can I have the pie chart not sum the Days Remaining or Days in Flight?  

(I believe this is a product of the dataset which has a daily aggregation.)


2.  How can I show only percentages in the pie chart?




You could create a specific % measure and use that on your access instead.


So rather than Sum of XYZ, create a measure which is the Sum of XYZ divided by the Total of XYZ, then format that as a percent and drag it to your axis.


Then of course you'll want to see the sum as well.


Have you explored the tooltips as an option as well?

To learn more about DAX visit :

Proud to be a Datanaut!


I'm not following you here.  Do you have multiple different flights/planes for which there are days flown and days remaining?

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