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Helper III
Helper III

Pareto Calculation

Hello, Looking for ideas. Here is what I have in trying to make: a simple Paredo:


I have two columns:



Multiple Categories showing reason why purchase order was recorded as past due.


And completely unique Purchase Order Numbers


I need show the major categories culprit recorded as past due but my formula keeps wanting sum the actual purchase order numbers. I basically need a true record count of each invididual PO as an occurence, then need to figure out Cumulative Total in decending order, the Total PO count, and then Cumulative Share %. Any ideas on this workaround?




Resolver I
Resolver I

You'll have to change the data type of the "Number" column from whole number to text. Then, in the table itself, select the Number column again and make sure it counts (distinct), not summarises it. This will give you the number of times the "number" appears. 



Can't help you with the rest as I don't quite understand, sorry, but here is the link to someone teaching about Pareto in PowerBI How To Make A Pareto Chart In Power BI | Step-By-S... - Microsoft Power BI Community


If this answer helped, chuck us an "Accepted Solution"

Thank you Len and Ashish, basically my next couple steps are as follows: RANK order them which keeps giving me '1'. Step 3: create a measure which displays the cumulative/running values.  Step 4: Make Running Total measure from the table and convert it into a dual axis/line and clustered column chart. Drag the % down.


I am basically going off this guide for Pareto:



Share the download link of the PBI file.

Ashish Mathur

Link to Dashboard/Pareto Attempt 


Hi Ashish, Please let me know if you can access this.

Super User
Super User


Write this measure and drag it to the visual

Count = counta(Data[Number])

Hope this helps.

Ashish Mathur

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