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Need help with calculating in aggregate

I'm trying to create a Dashboard and I am a new Power BI user.


I've created two different bar graphs -- one shows the % of physicians who ordered a particular drug (the data has one record per MD, and has an "Ordered" field that is a string with Yes/No.  This data is reported on a weighted basis so I've done that by using my weight as the value on the graph.  I know this is working because it matches my SPSS results.


I have a second bar graph that shows the % of physicians who ordered a particular formulation of the drug (same table, a different variable that is a string Yes/No).  This data is not weighted so my value for the chart is just a flag of 1 for every MD.  This graph is filtered to only be those that ordered in graph #1.


So, both of my graphs are fine.  Now I need to create another graph or table that multiplies the % that ordered * the % that ordered the particular formulation together, on an aggregate basis.


So if in graph one, it was 60% ordered (40% did not) and graph 2 was (50% ordered that form/50% did not), I need to produce a graph that is 60% * 50% = 30%.  Any suggestions on how to do this??  This is done by year, so year is on the axis in each graph....

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Unclear if you wrote measures for the values in the first 2 graphs.  Probably best if you did.  And I'm not sure how your model looks, but you could image something like:


Total Physicians = COUNTROWS(Physicians)

Total Ordering Physicians = CALCULATE([Total Physicans], FILTER(Physicians, SUM(Orders[Quanity]) > 0))

% ThingOne = DIVIDE ([Total Physicians], [Total Ordering Physicians])


% ThingTwo = ... however you do that... 🙂


% ThingOneThingTwo = [% ThingOne] * [% ThingTwo]



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