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Need help with bringing in date from either the metadata or a different sheet

I have a daily Excel report that gets delivered to a folder.  I want to create a dashboard that I can trend over time to look for any suspect changes to the pattern.  These Excel files have 2 sheets, one with the title & source location as well as the date & time the report was generated.


The other sheet has the meat of the report.  It contains a list of partners and type (voice, data, messaging) and for each it has a total number of events.  How do I get this information with the date such that if we were looking at the data, I would have a date column at the first column and every cell for a given column has the date the report was run?  The metadata has the date modified if needed, but if we can pull the date from the other sheet, that would be ideal.


The end goal would be a dashboard that would have a slicer for partner & type and trend over time (line graph).  I'm stuck trying to get the date on the event data.  Modifying the report may be needed if it's not possible to do what I need to with the current format, but that would be an enhancement request and time. 


If it's possible to use the current format and bring the date in, that would be perfect.  Is this not something that Power BI currently supports?  If any additional clarification is needed, just ask.



Microsoft Employee
Microsoft Employee

The easy answer is YES Power BI can help you solve your issue.  The harder part is just figuring out how.  


I'm guessing that Power Query (the built in query editor in Power BI) will be able to generate the columns you need for your reporting needs.  Any chance you can post a sample Excel file along with a mock-up of what you would like the table to look like?

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Hi Phil,

I can definitely do that, thanks for your reply! I'll need to work on the sample and mock up of the table, but I can get that done around midday. I appreciate the glimmer of hope you've given for something you wouldn't expect to be overly difficult. Let's see if Power Query can save the day!


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