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Multiple responsive filters


We all know we can use visuals as a filter example if we have a bar chart of a number of students according to gender, I will have different bars. If we select one bar out of it, All visuals will show data accordingly.


My question is if there is one more bar chart of 60 >percent,70>percent,80>percent in a maths test 


can I filter it with the visual that boys with 70>percent, I am trying to select both but it is responsive to only one visual filter, we can't select 2 filters visual at once. It is possible in tableau but not in power bi I guess

Super User
Super User

@Pegasus , Create a numeric patameter


Then have measure like Assume you have % meausre

calculate([Percent], filter(Values(Table[Student]), [Percent] > [Param]/100) )




if(isfiltered(Table[Student]),  Sumx( filter(Values(Table[Student]), [Percent] > [Param]/100), [Perent] ) , [Percent] )

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