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Resolver I
Resolver I

Missing search option within slicer

Hi everyone,


In my report I experience some issues with the functionalities of the slicer.


I have two 'identical' slicers: both with a column that is formatted as text. The number of distinct values for each column is equal (and so is the length of the list), but for some reason the search function disappears for one of the slicers.


In these screenshots, I have tried to visualize what's visible: 







Is this a know bug? Or is there a workaround for this?

New Member

I know this is an old thread, but I stumbled across the reason the Search bar wasn't showing up in some of my own visuals. The reason is due to the data type (not format) being set to a number. When I set the data type to Text it resolved the issue. Hope this helps someone. Although my two cents to Microsoft is that you should be able to have this search functionality for numbers data type as well.

New Member


I'm also experiencing some problems with the slicer. The search option just isn't there for me. I've tried changing to list, dropdown, in between, etc. and there's just no option for it



Microsoft Employee
Microsoft Employee



We cannot reproduce this issue. As you may see on this link which describes that the issue might be caused by the numbers of items in you slicers. However, you said that the number of distinct values for each column is equal (and so is the length of the list). 


So could you please provide us more information about your report, so that we can make further analysis. You can upload a pbix file to Onedrive or any web storage and share the link. Do mask sensitive data before uploading.



Charlie Liao



I have to change my initial post. The number of distinct values are the following:

- column A ~ 807 distinct values -> search option

- column B ~ 868 distinct values -> no search option


Could this relatively small difference cause the search option to disappear?

If you would still like to check the .pbix file, let me know.

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