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Helper III
Helper III

Merge or union the results from two visuals using the same query

I have two table visuals that have two similar columns ( the column names are different). The first two visuals have different filters. I want to merge or union the two visuals into one table visual. I don't want to duplicate the query if its avoidable since the queries run long. Is there a way to merge the two visuals?  Thanks


Table visual 1                             Table visual 2                     Desired results

Name      ID                                Name   Num                     Name   Number

Mary      1000                             Mark    9999                      Mark    9999

                                                                                             Mary    1000



Helper III
Helper III

my attempts to do this with calculated measures has not provided the correct results.

There is no such thing as a calculated measure. It's either a measure or a calculated column.


Anyway - add your third visual and add the columns. That's it. There's no concept of "merge visuals"  in Power BI.



Helper III
Helper III

No, I want to combine two visuals with two columns into a new thrid visual with two columns. 

Super User
Super User

You can UNION them (the result would use the column names of whatever comes first, or you can do a SELECTCOLUMNS first to change column names.


In either case that table query needs to be materialized into a Calculated Table which means it won't be dynamic any more.

Lbendin, Can you provide an example. It's not clear to me as to how to union them.


see attached.


Thanks for the example. I'm getting data from just one table and displaying it in two visuals. I was hoping to be able to merge the data from the two visuals to create the the third visual. Does your method accomplish this without using two tables? 

sounds like I totally misunderstood what you are trying to achieve.  Are you saying you want to combine three columns into two?

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