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Helper III
Helper III

Measure for conditional formatting a card which displays count of incidents

Hi all,


I am looking to create a measure that I can use in conditional formatting of the accent bar to change color based on the incident value of the current month and the previous month. It should be a dynamic measure that returns the color red if the current month's count of incident saves is more than the previous month and green if it is less compared to last month.


The measure to calculate incident saves might need modification to show values just for the current month and not the entire date range. At present the measure looks like this:


IncidentSavesInSelectedInterval =
var x = CALCULATE(COUNT(IncidentForm[BatchID]))

return x
Thank you!!


Super User
Super User

Hello @NKotak_Leecare ,


you could use the following measure:


formatting =
TRUE (),
[IncidentSavesInSelectedInterval] > [lastMonth], "#FF0000",
[IncidentSavesInSelectedInterval] < [lastMonth], "#008000"


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Hi @Idrissshatila ,


I tried using this measure but it always returns red to me regardless of the difference. Also, I want to show blue if the last month's count and the current month's count are the same. So I modified the measure as below:


PreviousIncidentBar =
TRUE (),
[NumberOfIncidents_New] > [LastMonth_Incident], "#FF0000",
[NumberOfIncidents_New] < [LastMonth_Incident], "#008000",
[NumberOfIncidents_New] = [LastMonth_Incident], "#0000FF"
LastMonth_Incident = CALCULATE([NumberOfIncidents_New],PARALLELPERIOD('date'[Date],-1,MONTH))
NumberOfIncidents_New =

//New Incident saves
//If BatchID = RecordID, denotes a new subform save, filtered by subform name, and returns NEW INCIDENTS ONLY in the selected time interval

var number = CALCULATE(COUNT(mainttable[batchid]),
                        FILTER(mainttable, mainttable[BatchID] = mainttable[RecordID]),
                        FILTER(maintable, maintable[FormName] = "IncidentFormName"))
Thank you!!



how are you getting [lastMonth]?

Hi @NKotak_Leecare 


You can do:

last Month= CALCULATE([IncidentSavesInSelectedInterval],PARALLELPERIOD([Date],-1,MONTH))

Hi @mlsx4 


Thank you! I tried using that measure but it is returning Red regardless of the count values. Do you have any idea why it is doing that and how can I resolve it?

Hi @NKotak_Leecare 


Have you checked which value returns each of your measure separately?

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