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Advocate I
Advocate I

Matrix not allowing horizontal scroll in Power BI Desktop or Online (IE11, Chrome, etc.)

With a cross tab matrix that has a lot of row fields, the matrix has a horizontal scroll bar enabled, but for some reason the scroll does not function in either the Desktop or Online tools.

Regular Visitor

Click on th canvas (not a visualizatino) > In visualization, go to Format your report Page > Canvas Settings > Type = "Custom" Play with the height and width

New Member

i got one temporary solution
enable text wrap for the row headers, now increase the canvas width (eg: 3000) and expand the matrix 
now you can see all the columns 
now adjust the each column width so that all the columns should fit in your original canvas width.
Now change the canvas width to its original size , As the text wrap is enabled u can see your data of each column in multiple lines.

Hope this will help atleast for some usecases 

Frequent Visitor

This was acctually a kind of neat work around. Not optimal but still.


(177) How To Make a Vertical / Horizontal Scroll Bar in Power BI Report - YouTube

Advocate V
Advocate V

+1 having this issue. I have a matrix with the value on rows option selected, so converting to a table is not a suitable workaround. 

Hi @roselilly23 and all,


I have experienced this problem, I also have a several row items and many values columns. Till the MS may resolve this, scrolling works as far as you can make values column appear in the visibility, but all row items are like 'Freeze panes' as others have explained. Best way is to collapse the fields occassionaly which we right away do not need. Once we have habit of doing that, it works fine.


Second, exporting data works as normal.


May be this is just a workaround.


Hope it helps.

Advocate I
Advocate I

It's 2022 and this still hasn't been fixed. Very dissapointing.

Frequent Visitor



This is not a perfect solution but a good work around 

You can increase the size of the sheet to include all the table . 

Bellow link explain how to do it

New Member

Hi Family, Is there a work around for this? I really need to use the Matrix NOT Table andd I have quite number of columns. 

Not applicable

Microsoft Still has not fixed this? this happened to me today.

Hi Everyone,

I am also facing it, no resolution from microsoft yet.

Guys pls help.

Not applicable

lol no. Work around I found out was placing them as values.

Advocate IV
Advocate IV

I think we figured out what's happening. It looks like Power BI is treating the matrix 'rows' like 'freeze panes' in Excel. I.e. all the variables you put into the 'rows' (which actually become columns in your matrix, but lets not go there for now) are fixed and not scrollable because they are frozen. If you put variables into the 'values' part of the matrix, these then become scrollable


But only the 'values' will be scrollable, not the rows (which are frozen). 


This is a shame. In my line of work (healthcare) we frequently use many columns of categorical data for statistical analysis, and its pretty crucial to be able to see your data in column format. Categorical data doesn't really work in the 'values' section of the matrix visualisation. 


 EDIT - I think this description actually echo's what WillT says above. The terminologies used are really confusing (for me anyway). Microsoft call the columns in a matrix 'rows', and 'values' are also columns but they appear to the right off all the other columns ("rows"). 

Advocate IV
Advocate IV

+1 experiencing this problem.


Vertical scrolling works in a matrix, but horizontal does not. 


"when you have enough row groups in a matrix so that they don't all fit in the viewport, the scroll bars are disabled. This is because scrolling normally only affects the values area of the matrix."

Not sure what this means. Why would you disable scroll bars if your data doesn't fit in the viewport? The entire purpose of scroll bars is to show data that doesn't fit in the viewport. 


Showing the data as a table does remedy the scrolling problem, but it's an unsightly way of presenting data that has repeating values in a column. 

Agreed, not sure what the upside of not allowing this would be. The matrix display is so much better, but the ability to scroll horizontally is vital. Why even create it if you are going to leave out such an obivous feature. Please fix ASAP, there are so many of these formatting quirks out there that might seem trivial to a software designer but can absolutely ruin a project. Spending hours trying to google a workaround is not an efficient use of my time. 


The point about choosing a default location on a scrollbar is also a must implement. 

Community Admin
Community Admin

Hey - when you have enough row groups in a matrix so that they don't all fit in the viewport, the scroll bars are disabled. This is because scrolling normally only affects the values area of the matrix. If you've got lots of text data, try using a table instead? Hope that helps Will

I encounter the same issue..

By choosing a table, the problem is partially fixed: horizontal scrolling works, but the visual representation of the info/data is clearly different.

I have many data points in the rows for product charterstics that we need to display.  I cannot scroll to see the data.  It would be nice to choose where to freeze the view.

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