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Matrix Total row question

Hello everyone!


I have a problem with the Total rows in a simple matrix I have.

I have the single calculated column in a matrix, which is a Measure ( DIVIDE(something,something) ). The problem is that the sum of all these values is NOT the Total shown below the values. Say, 25,6+5,3+3,4+3,3+2,2+1,4 = 41,2, NOT 39,2.


Any advise to make the Total row work properly, or to udnerstand what's going on?

Thanks in advance!


imagen 2.png

Resolver III
Resolver III



Let's say your current formula is DIVIDE(A, B). The Total row is summing up all of the A values and all of the B values separately and then dividing them.


To get the total the way you want, you need an iterator function (like SUMX). See here for a good explanation: 

Community Champion
Community Champion

Yes I guess a just quickly scanned your post - you need to provide the formula of your Measure!


I thought those were just numbers just looking at the picture that said Values...


Post the Measure formula and a sample of your data set up - not the Matrix output!

Community Champion
Community Champion

@aszpicCheck the Data Type, Default Summarization, etc... - that I've highlighted in the picture


Modeling Tab.png


Hopefully one of these things will resolve this!

Good Luck! Smiley Happy

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