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Matrix Hierarchy Row Titles with Images



I have a matrix which has 7 rows which drill down into multiple rows. I would like to have as the row title an icon with the text next to it. I have tried two ways of doing it:


I tried creating images with the text as part of the image, but this causes sizing issues. As you can see in this attempt, the image is tiny:

small 01.PNG


Then I tried changing the image height in the Format Grid menu, but this makes the rows too high. It seems that it treats the images as squares even thought they are rectangular:


small 02.PNG


Alternatively, I could try having the icon and title in two seperate columns. The problem with that is that I want the icon and the title to be grouped together as the top level of the matrix, but now the icon is on it's own and I have to drill down to get the title and then drill down again to get the next level:


small 03.PNG


So my question is, is there a way I can get a combined icon and text title as the top level of the matrix? Either by resizing the rectangular images or by "grouping" the top two? Ideally so it looks like this table:


small 04.PNG


I'm still new to Power BI so any advice would be appreciated. Thank you,



Super User
Super User

are you hardcoding these images?  Usually you would create them on the fly using SVG.

And yes, there is a height limit of 150 pixels, but strangely only for cells, not for headers.

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