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Helper II
Helper II

Manage Matrix visual with double headers

Hi all,


I have created a matrix visual simulating a pivot table, with the help of field parameters. I have created a field parameter for the rows (Product Category, Product Subcategory etc) and another one with measures for the columns (Measure 1, Measure 2 etc).


I want to add to my matrix visual a double heading like the above (for each selected measure a breakdown by week and total month)



Any ideas, tips and tricks?


Thank you in advance,


Super User
Super User

Weeks and months are incompatible.  But a total over the weeks should work. What have you tried and where are you stuck?

Hi @lbendlin ,


I have tried to put in the columns the weeks but the outcome was Week 1 and all the selected measures, then Week 2 and all the selected measures ...and at the end the Total month. But I want the oposite, Measure 1 and all the weeks plus the total month, then measure 2 and all the weeks and the total month etc.


Any ideas?


Thank you in advance


In that case you need to use disconnected tables that define the values for your different levels of column headers (including the measure names!!!) and then create yet another set of measures to navigate that matrix visual. Possible, but very labor intensive and going against the principles of Power BI UX.

@lbendlin ,


Thank you for your guidlines. I was looking for a more efficient way to do it. Balancing the effort and the need, I don't think that I will apply it.


Best regards,


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