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Line and Clustered column chart - works in Excel, not in PowerBI

Hi all,


currently converting our Excel-reports to PowerBI-reports. Now I know not everything can be translated one-on-one, but I currently have this chart in Excel which I would really like to translate as good as possible:




I've managed to recreate the bar-part of this chart quite easily using a 'Clustered column chart' (different figures due to outdated data inside PBI at the moment) - I've added the settings I've used in the 'Visualizations'-part of the chart as well.




I've managed to create the % as well (three seperate measures), so like this:




However: how can I combine these in one chart (or two charts with one behind the other)? I've tried turning the chart into a 'Line and clustered column chart', but somehow it ignores the 'Sales Category' for the markers and groups them together:



My second idea was to put the %-chart 'behind' the value-chart and make the columns completely transparent. I can't seem to make the columns transparent though, only a 'full' color, so this didn't work either.


Does anybody have an idea on how to achieve somethings like the image from Excel in PowerBI?


Thanks for any help!



Super User
Super User

@Siepe , I doubt the line can break. But You can try Line Clustered bar visual with Sorted Axis and Concatenate label off


Concatenate Label off :

Thanks for the reaction.
I tried switching the 'Concatenate'-label off as suggested, but sadly nothing changed...

I agree with you that it's probably not possible to 'break' the line - that's why I attempted to turn them into markers, but sadly those operate similar to a line for most purposes...

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