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Keep Format for different pages

Hello guys,

i wanted to ask if it is possible to keep all format configurations for all pages. My biggest probelm is that the width in columns changes when i copy one page and changing the output of my table on the new page. I made sure to deactivate the automatic width options for headers and still the width of the column changes. Is there any way or a workaround?


Best regards

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Super User

Try duplicating the table: right click on the page tab and duplicate. You can use the format copying icon to copy the format of one visual to another

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Hi @Anonymous,

To my knowledge, if you turn off auto-width, column width is assigned based on the column name. If you rename a column on the second page, PBI will automatically adjust the width of that column to the length of the name, and unfortunately it is not possible to hardcoded the width.


I'm afraid you'll have to manually position the columns.


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Thanks for your response and yeah thats what i thought.

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