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New Member

Issue with year to date comparisons

Hi All,


I couldn't find any post with the exact problem i'm having. I'm sorry if I'm repeating something which I should have found. I tried searching first but without succes.


My question is about YTD measures which I want to use interactively with the rest of my report. I've got a visual with both colums and a line. In which the line is the budget and the colums are the actuals of this year and previous year. Next to this visual I want to show KPI's (KPI visual) which show me the costs of this year, previous year and the budget (three separate visuals). But I what to interact with the other combined colum/line chart. 


When nothing is selected in de colum line chart the KPI's should show a year to date cost total. And when I select 1 month, it should show only the cost of that specific month. For the trend I'm using Year now, becaus otherwise I can't return a YTD result. However this is fine for the actuals of this year, it returns the total year value for budget and cost of previous year, instead of only the 10 months passed so it is compareble with the actuals of this year (only montly updated input, so no nov imput yet). 


Also tried SAMEPERIODLASTYEAR for the cost of the previous year, but because of the year in the trend instead of months I guess still returning the full year cost of previous year. And for the budget it doesn't work either because I want this year.


I hope this is not a stupid question, but I couldn't find the solution despite several hours searching on google and this community.


Thanks for al suggestions.


Community Support
Community Support

Hi MvdBlom,

 I am not sure whether this is what you want, you could refer to my sample. If this is not what you want, please correct me and inform me more detailed information (such as your sample data and your expected output)? Then I will help you more correctly.

Best Regards,
Zoe Zhi

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Hi Zoe, 


Thanks for your reply, but it is nog exactly what I want. But I understand that because my question wasn't clear and I didn't add an example. But anyway thanks for your reply. First of all I can't find how to upload a file like you did. Because I changed your example a little bit so it shows my problem. 


But I can add a picture of the view. I want to seed month values in de chart of this year (amount), last year (meting) and budget (budget). So I can compare the results with both previous year and the budget. The three tiles under the chart I want to show YTD values for all three of these measures. But the problem is they count the whole year instead of only YTD. For example the actuals of 2019 should be 21 instead of 22 because the last one is in december so not a YTD value. The meting voor previous year should be 23 instead of 26 (3 for dec 2018). And the budget should be 24 instead of 24 (4 in dec). 


However when I click in the chart on a month, let's say march, then I want the tiles to show 2, 6 and 4 (resp; this year, previous year and budget). 


I hope I explained the issue more clear. In this example I used the card cart voor the tiles (because you did so in your example) but in my real dashboard I was using the KPI visual. Not shure which one is right. 


Thank you so much!



Community Support
Community Support

Hi MvdBlom, 

You could try to upload your sample on OneDrive or other place I could access it, then I will help you more correctly. By the way, you could try to use simple data sample to repalce your real data, and inform me your expected output.

Please do mask sensitive data before uploading.

Thanks for your understanding and support.
Best Regards,
Zoe Zhi

If this post helps, then please consider Accept it as the solution to help the other members find it more quickly.


Hoi Zoe,


see this link: PBI sample 


I hope this works, thanks


Kind regards Michiel

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