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Issue with group by option in Transform Data/Edit query settings

Issue with group by option in Transform Data/Edit query settings.

When i use this option, I get to choose between Count Distinct rows vs Count Rows. 

For some reason both these otpions giving same result. For some reason Count distinct is not wokring as expected.


As an alternate, I use New table to create Aggregate with count distinct but that won't allow to merge with any exiting tables as it won't show up in merge option.

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Super User

@bhanunadendla ,Just check you are not doing count distinct on the unique column. If all values are unique then it will be same.  Share more information(Step you done) and data to test.

The unique identifier fort hat table is say combination of column A, B and C

when i want to do grouping, I am using count distinct column A along other columns like X and Z bcasue column A alone is not distinct.

In group by feature you ahve both distcint and regualr counts  but both gave me same result. 


I follwed workaround by using Table creation instaed group by which increased my development time. I wish this feature works as expectd.


thank you,


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