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I need to add a box that end users can add comments to

Hi I have a table in PowerBI service that users access as an embedded report. I have been asked to add a column in the table so that users can write notes on who is responsible for each customer (i.e. each row they want to be able to add a comment that XX is in charge). I am not sure if this is possible. Is there any alternatives?

I thought to use the comment feature but it does not seem to be available for an embedded report.

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Here is how my report is set up, my data is customer data that I get a brand new file daily for, this file is then fed into a dataflow that refreshes daily. My reports are all built on this data. Since I would want my comments to save between days this method does not seem to work as it seems to writeback onto the data, but I overwrite the data everyday with a new file.

Hi @anonymouAsd , In order for the comments to be displayed they need to be stored somewhere where Power Bi can reference them. Where are you planning on saving these comments if you're not saving back to the data source?

Also I have a question if I want it to update dynamically will it have to refresh all parts of the data or can I make it only dynamically update the comment data as the whole report takes about 1 hour to refresh


Hi @anonymouAsd , In regards to the PowerApp if you can provide more information about the problem I can try to assist. 


In regards to the refresh you may want to look into incremental refresh and see if it is an applicable option for you: 

Hi my issue with powerapps is that when I use edit form to change the comment on customer 000001 to "test 1" then instead of overwriting the cell in my excel table it adds a new entry onto the bottom. My power app has a Gallery1 which is a powerintegration and a Form1 that is an edit form that has Item=Gallery1.Selected and fields are customer id and comment both as edit fields and finally a button that is a submit form of form1.

I cannot use incremental refresh as I am a PowerBI Pro not Premium. I just want to know can you dynamically refresh only one table in powerbi service?

Hi @anonymouAsd I think the gallery is causing you the issue - you don't need it. If you follow the video you should end with:


  • Datasource = Your excel table e.g. 'Table1' - with columns Customer ID and Comment
  • Item: LookUp(Table1, 'Customer ID' = First([@PowerBIIntegration].Data).'Customer ID')
  • OnSuccess: PowerBIIntegration.Refresh(); Notify("Success", NotificationType.Success, 5000)


  • OnSelect: SubmitForm(Form1)



I don't think you can only refresh one table in the service without premium. 

I get this error when trying to make the item for the form
"The requested operation is invalid. Server Response: Table2 failed: Expression "Customerid eq null" is not supported". 

Can you share a screenshot of your treeview and item formula? Also what data connector are you using? OneDrive or Excel?


This is the item for my form

The Table2 is an excel online



Are you able to use the OneDrive for Business connector? Seems to be an issue with the Excel Connector which could be the source of your issue. 

I am getting an error that the rows supported is less than 100000, I need at least 65000 rows for current customers and I would hope to have 85000 rows for the near future. Even when I reduce the rows I get an error that the size of the file is too large which I cannot reduce to below 2000kb .

Hi @anonymouAsd , That's a pain - I'm sorry but PowerApps isn't my area of expertise - I think this solution once working will solve your initial query in Power BI. Can I suggest reaching out for help at 

I am currently trying to make a new excel table that will hold a record of customer ids and comments but am having trouble making the powerapp to writeback to the correct customer

Solution Sage
Solution Sage

Hi @anonymouAsd This type of writeback requirement can be solved using the PowerApps visual. I suggest you watch as it provides an example similar to your situation.

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