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Helper V
Helper V

How to place columns in Matrix Visual using a custom placement

Hi, I am running the May 2021 version of the PBI Desktop.  I am connected to an excel file using MATRIX VISUAL and have done added few transformations via the Power Query Editor image.png


I want to place the columns in my Power BI Desktop Matrix visual as it appears in my Excel file 


What I would like to do is place the column one after the other in PBI Desktop as it appers in excel file. (see snip below)


On the LEFT SIDE (Excel image) list columns as

Beams Manufactured    Beams Installed, Rebar Concrete


whereas in my PBI Desktop it is 

Beams Installed Beams Manufactgured and so on


I dont think this has to do with  SORT BY ANOTHER COLUMN, as my requirement is not to sort but place the column in a custom way as it appears in Excel, 





Community Support
Community Support

Hi @smjzahid 

You need add a conditional column to sort the category that you want , and then add this sorting column to the matrix .

There is a similar issue, which is to display in the visual by customizing the order of the categories, you can refer to his settings .


Best Regards

Community Support Team _ Ailsa Tao


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Super User
Super User

@smjzahid , In power bi Matrix column if you need custom order. You have to create a sort order like that in a new column. Mark that as the sort solumn and use it.


Column 1 = [Column]


Column Sort = Switch([Column] ,

"Abc", 1,

"123", 2,

//and so on



mark column sort as sort column for column 1 and use column 1 in visual


How to Create Sort Column and Solve Related Errors:

Hi @amitchandak 


Thanks for your reply, I have multiple levels on the column and I want present the columns in the same order as it appears in the snip below . Please note I want my Pile Caps first followed by Pier and the columns following those.


Here is the sample data for your kind perusal, (Cant find any option to attach files)



Area	Piers	Pile caps				Pier							
		Piling	Excavation & blinding	Rebar	Concrete	Shells install	In fills	Strengthening	Concrete	Crosshead works	Cill Beams Manufactured	Cill Beams	Bearings
WCML	Pier 16	(N/A)	(N/A)	(N/A)	(N/A)	(N/A)	(N/A)	(N/A)	(N/A)	75% (I/P)	(N/A)	(N/A)	11
	Pier 17a	11 (C)	Y (C)	Y (C)	Y (C)	6 (C)	4 (C)	(N/A)	Y (C)	(N/A)	0	2	22
	Pier 18a	11 (C)	Y (C)	Y (C)	Y (C)	75 (C)	44 (C)	(N/A)	Y (C)	(N/A)	20 (C)	20 (C)	102 (C)
	Pier 19a	11 (C)	Y (C)	Y (C)	Y (C)	63 (C)	45 (C)	(N/A)	Y (C)	(N/A)	20 (C)	20 (C)	102 (C)
	Pier 20a	11 (C)	Y (C)	Y (C)	Y (C)	3	Y	(N/A)	Y	(N/A)	0	1	1
Bucks Rd	Pier 24	(N/A)	(N/A)	(N/A)	(N/A)	(N/A)	(N/A)	(N/A)	(N/A)	10% (I/P)	(N/A)	(N/A)	1
	Pier 25	(N/A)	(N/A)	(N/A)	(N/A)	(N/A)	(N/A)	(N/A)	(N/A)	10% (I/P)	(N/A)	(N/A)	1
	Pier 26a	6 (C)	Y (C)	Y (C)	Y (C)	8 (C)	Y (C)	(N/A)	Y (C)	(N/A)	0	1	1
	Pier 27	(N/A)	(N/A)	(N/A)	(N/A)	(N/A)	(N/A)	75% (I/P)	Foam fill (C)	(N/A)	0	1	1
	Pier 28	(N/A)	(N/A)	(N/A)	(N/A)	(N/A)	(N/A)	40% (I/P)	Foam fill (C)	(N/A)	0	1	1
	Pier 29	(N/A)	(N/A)	(N/A)	(N/A)	(N/A)	(N/A)	(N/A)	Foam fill (C)	(N/A)	3 (C)	1	1
	Pier 30a	8 (C)	Y (C)	Y (C)	Y (C)	6 (C)	Y (C)	(N/A)	Y (C)	(N/A)	1 (C)	1	1
	Pier 31	(N/A)	(N/A)	(N/A)	(N/A)	(N/A)	(N/A)	(N/A)	(N/A)	Y (C)	(N/A)	(N/A)	11


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