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How to leave rows out of calculation when filters applied?



I'm relatively new to PBI and a measure I was previously using is now not functioning properly as I've applied a new dimension and filter to the data. The previous measure was:

Weekly_Availability = IF('Measures Table'[Total_Project_Manning] > 1, 0, 1- [Total_Project_Manning])
This measure would return a number between 0 and 1 depending on what availability the relevant category had. I now need to filter by another dimension but when I do this the filtered out rows go to zero and the measure then shows (1 - 0 = 1) whereas I need people to not show on the visual at all if filtered out.
Thanks in advance.
Community Support
Community Support

Hi, @Anonymous 


Did you take amit's advice?

If this post helps, please consider Accept it as the solution to help the other members find it more quickly.
If not, please upload some insensitive data samples and expected output.
You should check the forum Featured first:
Best Regards,
Community Support Team _ Janey
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Thanks @amitchandak. The issue is that sometimes people are over allocated so I still require the condition if [Total_Project_Manning] > 1, 0. This means that if they are overallocated they have no availability. 


My issue is that when the filter of department is applied, it will bring the value to zero for the people not in that department and so it shows every person outside the department on the visual. Whereas I just need to see availability of people within a single department when filtered by slicer.

@Anonymous , Again force the department filter. Refer to my example of a date where I added +0 and again forced the date filter


0 between range
Measure = var _1= SUM(Opportunity[Opportunity count]) +0
var _min = minx(ALLSELECTED('Calendar'), 'Calendar'[Date])
var _max = maxx(ALLSELECTED('Calendar'), 'Calendar'[Date])
CALCULATE(if(max('Calendar'[Date]) <_min || max('Calendar'[Date]) >_max , BLANK(), _1))



You will need like

filter(department, department[Name] in allselected(department[Name] ))

Super User
Super User

@Anonymous , what ever you do not want to show, should return blank


Weekly_Availability = IF('Measures Table'[Total_Project_Manning] > 1, blank(), 1- [Total_Project_Manning])


Or use this in visual level filter and check for value 1 or 0

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