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How to hide a visual using a slicer

I have a power bi table which contains 4 category columns and a count measure. My power bi page contains 3 dropdown slicers (Category1, Category 2 and Category 3) and 4 column charts.


I am trying to hide charts based on the selection of 3 slicers (Category 1, Category 2, Category3). If none of the slicers are selected  then I want Category 1 column chart to show. If a selection is made in the first slicer then I want Category 2 chart to show.


To do this, I created 3 measures to test the slicers:

Cat1 Test = IF(ISFILTERED(Data[Category 1]),1,0)
Cat2 Test = IF(ISFILTERED(Data[Category 2]),10,0)
Cat3 Test = IF(ISFILTERED(Data[Category 3]),100,0)
I've then created another measure to add the 3 previous together.
Total Test = [Cat1 Test] + [Cat2 Test] + [Cat3 Test]
Then another measure works out which chart to show:
See Visual =
        [Total Test] = 0, "Cat1", -- Show Category 1 Chart
        [Total Test] = 1, "Cat2", -- Show Category 2 Chart
        [Total Test] in {10,11},"Cat3", --Show Category 3 Chart
        [Total Test] in {100,101,110,111},"Cat4", -- Show Category 4 Chart
Finally I put this last measure in the visual filter and selected "is Cat1". This doesn't seem to work and just hides the report.
Has anyone any idea what I've done wrong.
Many thanks in advance for any help given.

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